About - Austin Bowtell

Austin Bowtell is a photographer who is inspired most by the people he meets and the mountains.

Born and raised in a small Albertan city, Austin found himself travelling through England, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and New Zealand before making roots in Germany. During his travels, he grew to love photography and connecting with every person he met. As an enthusiastic listener, you can find him collecting stories, experiences, and songs in his playlists.

Through social media and his blog, Your Modern Photography, Austin strives to share his love for nature, music, cool cars, and most importantly, the people he befriends with thousands of followers to inspire them to discover their own passions.

He is happiest with his girlfriend Lena and meeting friends in various caf├ęs throughout Berlin, Germany.

Austin is available for editorial and commercial assignments. For more information please contact him using the form below.

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